Festival Information

  1. Festival Dates and Hours
  2. Ticketing Enquiries
  3. Entering the Festival
  4. Allowed & Banned Items
  5. Cloakroom
  6. Venue Info
  7. Pass Outs
  8. Disabled Patron Information
  9. Companion Card Policy
  10. Parking
  11. Box Office Location and Hours
  12. Safety & Medical
  13. Youth Policy
  14. Lost and found
  15. Volunteering & Staffing
  16. Weather
  17. Contact us
  18. Festival Map
  19. Media
  20. Event Map
  21. Transport
  1. Festival Dates and Hours

    Sydney City Limits takes place Saturday 24 February 2018 at Centennial Park. Gates open from 11:30am with a midday start for performances running until 10pm.

  2. Ticketing Enquiries

    For any ticketing enquiries, please head to help.ticketmaster.com.au or alternatively you can contact via phone on 136 100.

    For Companion Card details, please see our Companion Card Policy below.

  3. Entering the Festival

    On arrival at the Festival gates, please have your Ticket and acceptable ID ready to be checked. You can either print your PDF ticket or display it on your phone.

    Below is a list of the acceptable Adult (18+) ID required to enter the festival; :

    • A driver’s or rider’s licence or permit (issued by an Australian State or Territory or any foreign country)
    • Australian passport or a foreign passport issued by another country
    • NSW photo card (issued by Roads and Maritime Services NSW)
    • Proof of age card issued by a public authority of the Commonwealth or of another State or Territory for the purpose of attesting to a person’s identity and age
    • Keypass (over 18) identity card issued by Australia Post.
    • For over 18s, photocopied ID and student ID cards do not qualify nor do bills or letters.

    To ensure Youth (12-17 years) patrons ages – photo ID is required. For ID to be valid, it must contain your D.O.B, a photo and your full name.
    Below is a list of the acceptable Youth (12-17 years) ID required to enter the festival;

    • ISIC Youth ID Card
    • Learners Permit
    • Drivers Licence
    • Passport
    • Colour photocopy of a Passport that has been signed and stamped by a Justice of the Peace or Pharmacists, Nurse or Police officer
    • Plastic or Laminated School ID (only if it has Name, D.O.B & Photo)
    • Boat License (only if it has Name, D.O.B & Photo)
    • Motorbike Licence (only if it has Name, D.O.B & Photo)
    • Proof of Age card
    • Copy of Birth Certificate & Current photo, both signed by a Justice of the Peace or Pharmacists, Nurse or Police officer

    Children aged 11 and under will not be required to show ID.

  4. Allowed & Banned Items

    Basic common-sense rules apply at Sydney City Limits so we can all have a good time. This includes banning certain items to guarantee general safety and comfort at the event and to ensure we also follow the letter of the law.

    Bags will be searched and patrons will be ‘wanded’ by security before entering the Festival (similar to walking through a metal detector). This is for patron safety, so please be patient and ensure you’ve reviewed the Allowed & Banned Items list below before you arrive.

    If you have brought a prohibited item, you can cloak it safely at our Cloak Room facility outside the Festival gates and collect them on your way out.

    Here is a list of what you CAN and CAN’T bring into the festival.


    • Small backpacks – no larger than an A4 piece of paper and 5cm deep
    • Small cameras
    • Sunscreen – this will also be available at locations around the festival including the Info Booth, Cloak Room and Medical Tent
    • Blankets & rugs (not allowed in front of sound desk area around stages)
    • Sunscreen will be available around the festival
    • Baby bags, prams/strollers, and specific bags to house essential medical items will be allowed into the event area. However, these bags and items will be subject to a search each time you enter the event area. Please enter via the Family Lane when carrying these items.


    • Large backpacks
    • No BYO alcohol at all
    • Aerosol containers (including sunscreen and personal beauty products)
    • Professional cameras, video and audio recording devices, including GoPros
    • Drones or any other remote flying device
    • Totems, flags or banners
    • Coolers or eskies of any kind (exceptions may be made for medical use)
    • Glass and metal containers of any kind
    • Fireworks, flares or sparklers (all strictly monitored)
    • Illegal and illicit substances of any kind
    • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
    • Umbrellas (please use a raincoat or poncho instead)
    • Radios or walkie-talkies
    • Pets – this does not include Service Animals or other animals that provide assistance to patrons with disabilities. Skateboards, scooters and bicycles inside the festival
    • Tents, canopies or shade structures of any kind
    • Unauthorised/unlicensed vendors are not allowed. No unauthorized solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, give-aways, samples, etc.
    • No chairs of any kind
    • No inflatable anything (rafts, chairs, pineapples etc.)
    • Selfie sticks
    • Milk crates
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Laser lights
    • Water pistols
    • Protest Paraphernalia incl. banners
  5. Cloakroom

    If you bring an oversized bag to Sydney City Limits Music Festival you will be required to check it in to our secure cloakroom. If your backpack or bag is over 30cm (l) x 20cm (w) x 5cm (d) it will not be allowed into the event area so pack light. Any backpacks and bags larger than 30cm (l) x 20cm (w) x 5cm (d) must be stored at the Cloakroom prior to entering the festival.

    Bags will be searched before they are cloaked. Your belongings can be cloaked for $5 per item. Our Cloakroom facility will be located outside the Festival Entry Gates, making it easier for you to collect your belongings as you leave the event.

    Baby bags, prams/strollers, and specific bags to house essential medical items will be allowed into the event area. However, these bags and items will be subject to a search each time you enter the festival. Please enter via the Family Lane when carrying these items

  6. Venue Info

    Sydney City Limits takes place at the Brazilian Fields and Parade Grounds at Centennial Park. The luscious 189-hectare park is the emerald heart of Sydney, pulsing with gardens, lush lawns, ancient trees and charming duck ponds.

    Opened in 1888, this green oasis was dubbed the ‘People’s Park’, designed so citizens could “take in the air” away from the town centre.

    It’s certainly lived up to its title – over 100 years later, the park is visited over 20 million times a year and is a beloved hotspot for picnickers, tourists, sports-lovers, horse-riders, cyclists and families.

    Located just five kilometres from the CBD, it offers a sweet escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s a getaway that’s easy to get to, with no road trips, packing or time off required.

    We acknowledge the Gadigal clan of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of the country on which the Parklands lies. Please respect your surroundings when attending Sydney City Limits.

  7. Pass Outs

    Pass Outs will be available to those with exceptional circumstances i.e. sickness, injury, inclement weather or another valid reasons.

    Please speak to the Gate Manager before departing the festival & they will issue you with a Pass Out Card.

  8. Disabled Patron Information
    Sydney City Limits has both a dedicated disabled parking and pick up/drop off area, as well as access to a viewing platform and toilet facilities.

    Please note: The area of Centennial Park that the festival is held is mainly flat with grassy fields and a few slopes. There are no pre-existing or designated pathways. Like any outdoor field, terrain can be uneven and become muddy following rainfall.

    Our Disabled Patron pick up/drop off area is located on Parkes Drive near the café. To access this area after 8:00pm, please register with us by emailing info@sydneycitylimits.com, with your name and phone number as well as your Vehicle Registration. Please note that any vehicle that hasn’t been registered with us cannot enter the Parklands after 8:00pm to do pick-ups – this includes taxis and other ride share services.

    Please note that First Aid medical tents are located on site for the duration of the event.

    If you have any enquiries regarding disabled access and facilities at the festival, please contact info@sydneycitylimits.com

  9. Companion Card Policy

    Upon approval of request, Sydney City Limits will issue Companions with a complimentary PDF ticket, equivalent to the ticket type held by the Companion Card holder. To request a Companion Card ticket, please email info@sydneycitylimits.com and include the following details:

    • Confirmation email from ticketing agent with proof of valid ticket to the event
    • Scan of valid Companion Card
    • Name of Companion
    • Email address of Companion
    • Service Animals and other animals that provide assistance to patrons with disabilities are allowed at this event.

    If you have any enquiries regarding companion cards and facilities at the festival, please contact info@sydneycitylimits.com

  10. Parking

    There is very limited parking available in Centennial Park on Event Day so we recommend leaving your car at home. If you decide to drive, the closest parking station is at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. Parking rates can be found on the Entertainment Quarter website.

    More information on Special Event Road Closures and Parking in the area can be found on the Centennial Park website

    Please note there are two major events running at Centennial Park and Moore Park on Feb 24. Parking rangers will be working during this time so ensure you park in the designated parking areas.

    Sydney City Limits will operate a complimentary shuttle service to Bondi Junction: The hours of operation will be released closer to the Event Day.

  11. Box Office Location and Hours

    The Box Office will be open for ticket sales & collection from 10:30am – 8:00pm and will be located next to the Main Festival Entry Gate at Centennial Park.

  12. Safety & Medical

    Your safety is our first priority and we make every effort to create a friendly and secure environment on the festival grounds.

    If you or anyone around you require first aid or assistance, please either make your way to a first aid tent, speak to the nearest security guard who will be able to make radio contact with the medical team, or call the Patron Safety Hotline – 1300 940 928.

  13. Youth Policy

    To ensure a proper level of security and safety for all attending Sydney City Limits, particularly those who are under 18, we have a Youth Policy in place which forms part of our Conditions of Entry for the event. This policy is in line with several other events around the country.

    All minors aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian ages 25 years or older at the Entry gates (or they may be refused entry) and at all times whilst at the festival.

    Children aged 11 and under are admitted free and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 25 at the Entry gates and at all times whilst at the festival. Those aged 12 or older must buy a ticket.

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that all youth patrons 15 and under accompanying them comply with instructions issued by festival staff. They must also follow any instructions contained in all permanent and temporary signage throughout the festival site.

    Patrons under the age of 18 must not engage in any illegal or disruptive activities whilst on site. This includes underage drinking, use of illicit substances or any generally disruptive behaviour.

    Any breach of these conditions may result in the eviction of the parent/guardian and all accompanying minors from the festival site.

    If you are an adult planning to accompany any minors at Sydney City Limits, please ask yourself the following questions if relevant to you:

    1) Can I moderate my alcohol intake so that I can responsibly take care of any minors in my care?

    2) Can I still enjoy Sydney City Limits with minors in tow? If you’ve answered ‘no’ to either question you might need to re-think whether you are the right person to be accompanying minors at Sydney City Limits festival.

    Anyone who is considering being the nominated adult in such circumstances should consider this responsibility very carefully.

    The festival may require adults and minors to sign an Accompanied Minor Form so that in the event of an incident we will have details on record.

  14. Lost and found
    Please visit the Info Booth onsite during the festival to drop off/pick up any lost items.

    Alternatively you can follow this link to report or claim your lost item. This online service is also available to access via the Official Sydney City Limits mobile app (iPhone / Android).

  15. Volunteering & Staffing
    If you are interested in volunteering at Sydney City Limits Music Festival, please fill out this form: VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION
  16. Weather
    Sydney weather can be unpredictable. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast and if rain is likely, please bring suitable wet weather clothing i.e. ponchos & raincoats. Umbrellas are not permitted for safety reasons.

    If it’s a hot event day, please prepare accordingly. Wear a hat, apply sunscreen and dress appropriately for the conditions on the day.

  17. Contact us

    For General information and enquiries:


    Sydney City Limits are ready before, after, and during the festival to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please please be patient – we are receive a large number of enquiries and will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as we can.

  18. Festival Map

    Stay tuned for the Sydney City Limits Festival Map.

  19. Media

    Media Accreditation Applications for Sydney City Limit 2018 have now closed.

  20. Event Map
    Check out our site map where you’ll find everything you need here.
  21. Transport

    Public Transport is the best way to arrive at Sydney City Limits. For details on transport options, please call the public transport info line on 131 500 or visit transportnsw.info.

    The closest train station to the event is Bondi Junction.

    We will be providing a free courtesy bus running from the festival to Bondi Junction Station at 7:30pm & 8:00pm, then running a continuously loop from 8:30pm – 11:00pm.